United National Party

A Srilankan party app which help the party members and public to register, know the current news regarding their government, news about the party and party members, circulars and notifications from the party leaders. The app will help them to actively participate and influence policy making by participating in the polls and answering the questionnaires from the party.

Intuitive UX designs

App has been consciously designed to be user friendly. Various ideations of screen designs were iterated before arriving at this minimalistic experience.

Performance is the key

App has been designed and architectured with performance being the center of importance to cater the larger audience size.

United National Party

The Best Combinations of Colors.

Color scheme was one specific area where our client were specific about their party theme to be imbibed in the app. We created a clean and simple layouts with their party color being given a highlighted touch.

Dark gray






Login Screen

Party News

Polls Screen