Top Challenges in developing enterprise mobile applications

FEB 13

In today’s world,every business needs to transform into digital.This Transformation enhance your business by reducing time constraints and also improve your revenue. Here,we discuss about challenges we overcome,when developing a Enterprise mobile application

Main challenge is understanding their business model completely and their problems. we thoroughly have to understand their problem,then only we can derive the solution for them.

1. UI/UX of mobile app

Users differs from industry to industry,we must plan our mobile app interface based on the app user.Some of business mobile apps are used by one or two persons,which only can used by their business peoples.Common user play store apps should have creative and easily understandable UI/UX model.It should interact with user at every phase and navigate them to desired screen.Even the buttons of mobile app co-relate with reason of that application.

In above,Android application,we built,it’s client side B2B application

Its B2C mobile app we built, which is available in play store.


In Mobile app,data should be secured under certain protection.In enterprise apps,most of the application data is key confidential factor.Developers must aware of potential risks,Use encryption methods like 256-bit advanced encryption standard.

Authenciation plays a major role in a application used by employees.60% of workers in enterprise use apps for work-related activity. But employee access should be limited one.

Mostly,our clients prefers oauth2.0 With two-factor authenciations.In two factor authenciation,includes user name & password with second validation which is PIN generated on your phone or fingerprint.

3.Managing data

It is evident that,in 2020, enterprise customer data is going to increase 50x more from this year.Every app development company needs to update their databases,also in need of big data experts. Seamless data transfer should occur between backend and app.

Let’s match this with our scenario , We built a application for Cash collection,Maketing guy who is reponsible for collecting cash from shops,check and update inventory,also take orders from clients,one day,he needs to download data when there is no network.our mobile app having synchronizing capablities,so it update the inventory seamlessly

4.Selecting platforms

Platform selection for mobile apps is quite difficult,when design elements is important,native application development is best for customer-facing applications,Native is our first choice,also we suggest our clients whenever requirement is cutsomer facing applications

Most of the enterprise organisation wants the application UX should be uniform and also minimize the cost without affecting user experince.First Option we consider for employee- facing application is cross-platform application development if functionality is first priority.

5.Size of Organizations

If the size of the organization is quite big,first question comes to mind is where to start. There is variety of departments with variety of objectives,so app need is different from one department to another.There is saying “Think Big, start small “,we have been applying this here.

Best way to start is build a app for particular set of users,which can be accessed by particular department only like viewing scehdules,tranning times ,updating appointment status.It also help the organisation to track separate departments work for particular users

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